Corporativo Industrial del Sur S.A. de C.V. is a company that offers activities to the energy industry branch, public and private sector

maintenance of process plants and valves, anticorrosive protection, thermal insulation piping, civil works, electromechanical engineering, following the normativities and procedures of quality, safety and environment, using tools... CONTINUE


ultrasonic inspection

It is the most advanced system in the world, which involves the accuracy, efficiency and ease to determine results on the inspection... MORE

Valves in operation

The objective of running the valves properly maintained to prevent and / or correct internal or external leakage and / or failures in the operation...MORE
Ultrasonic inspection
Hi innovation in the area of ultrasonic technology...
Valves Repair
Maintenance and repair of valves in operation...
Repairs of actuactors
Hydropneumatic actuators maintenance...
Material and equipment
Advanced enough for the efficiency of development ...