Operating Valves

Maintenance and Reparation of operating and in-garage valves

The objective of bring maintenance adequately to the valves is to prevent and / or to fix the internal or external leackages and / or operation failures, through regulatory processes that make inspection efficient, accurate and clearly, so that they operate safely and efficiently for. are issued and analyze technical reports on the current condition based on a program of inspection and maintenance that is performed before and during the operation of the valve.

Our inspection, maintenance and repair is analytical and accurate as it has procedures, equipment and instruments with professional highly trained staff make more secure the preservation of equipment and thus the reliability of its function and operation, avoiding accidents where there could be serious human loss.

This analysis of leakage and ultrasonic inspection and monitoring of fugitive emissions instruments are used also trying to reduce emissions of volatile hydrocarbons into the environment, according to EPA Method 21 (environmental protection agency of the United States), which leads to more secure facilities and processes, reducing risk and preserving both the environment and the quality of life of the worker.

1) - Initial status of the valve

2) - Disarming the mechanism

3) - Cleaning the mechanism


4) - Lubrication mechanism

5) - Mechanism assembly

6) - Valve after maintenance